Marylanders DESERVE A STRONG Voice Of Reason In D.C.


The freedoms we enjoy are uniquely American. I have traveled the world as a solider in the force for good and now I bring that spirit to Maryland.

I love our country, and everything that makes us who we are; strength, diversity through individuality, entrepreneurial spirit and hard work. With that we have unleashed the individual genius unlike any other nation before. We invented the light bulb, and the telephone, were first in flight, put a man on the moon and have won more Olympic medals than any other country.

No matter your background, beliefs or political affiliation, if you love America I want to represent you.


Support Sam Faddis for U.S. Senate

If you would like to contribute by mail, please send your check, payable to "Sam Faddis for US Senate," to: PO Box 93, Davidsonville, MD 21035.