Sam’s Stance On The Issues THAT MATTER

Sam is dedicated to restoring America’s greatness, at home and abroad. Following are his positions on the issues:

  • Good, living wage jobs for American workers. Government doesn't create jobs; private industry does.  We need to cut taxes, slash regulations and encourage growth and investment.
  • Fair trade not free trade.  For too long we have allowed other nations to take advantage of us and signed on to ill considered, one-sided trade agreements. American industry and American workers have paid the price. It’s time to stand up for American business and bring manufacturing back to the United States.
  • American jobs for American workers.  Visa policies, which allow businesses to import foreign workers to take jobs away from American workers, must be terminated immediately. We don’t need to import more low wage labor from abroad. We need good living wage jobs for American workers.
  • A balanced budget. We are $20 trillion dollars in debt and borrowing almost another trillion dollars every year. If we do not change course, we face financial catastrophe. It’s time for the federal government to live within its means and stop spending money it does not have.
  • Local control of education.  We know best how to educate our children.  We don’t need a federal bureaucracy telling us what to do. We need Washington, DC to get out of the way and let the parents, teachers and educators of America run our schools.
  • A strong defense focused on American national interests. We live in a dangerous world. We must be prepared at all times to defend ourselves from very real threats. We are not the world’s policeman, and we should not be squandering blood and treasure in ruinous national building exercises abroad.
  • Term limits.  A class of professional politicians is leading us to ruin. We must take back control of our government, throw out the career politicians that are destroying our economy and our nation and enact term limits. The government of the United States belongs to the people not politicians.
  • An end to illegal immigration. We are a nation of immigrants; we are also a nation of laws. We must regain control of our borders and end illegal immigration.

Join Sam to change Maryland and the United States for the better.


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